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Medical bracelet for relieving nausea – adults


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Sea Band – a medical bracelet for relieving nausea.
Suitable for treating nausea of various types:
• Nausea while traveling.
• Morning sickness in pregnancy.
• Nausea after surgery and use of anesthetics.
• Nausea during chemotherapy treatments.
• Nausea as a result of migraine attacks.

We suffer from nausea in many cases: while traveling for a trip, in early pregnancy or as a result of medical treatments. C-band bracelets provide natural and effective relief without medication in all cases of nausea.

Morning sickness: Many pregnant women suffer from morning sickness. Symptoms usually subside around the 14th week but there are women who continue to suffer throughout the pregnancy. Most of them try to avoid drug treatment in order to avoid the possibility of harm to the fetus. Studies show that one of the methods of treating morning sickness in pregnancy – which is not medication – is acupressure at the Nye-coan point (P6). The plastic button of the C-band bracelets exerts continuous pressure on each of the wrists at exactly these points, thus helping to relieve the characteristic feeling of nausea, and even to prevent it.

Medical treatments: There are medical treatments that can cause nausea – treatments that include the use of anesthetics and chemotherapy treatments. Medication use to prevent nausea is not always possible due to sensitivities to certain medications, fear of side effects and a desire to avoid using conflicting medications. Relief is achieved through acupressure at the Nye-kuan point (P6) using C-band bracelets.

Sea-Band bracelets work according to the principles of acupressure and create pressure at points on the wrists called Nei-Kuan. The bracelet can be worn on the wrist before the ride or at any time during it.

User manual:
Sea-band bracelets work by creating pressure at a specific point on the wrist according to the principles of acupressure called in Chinese medicine the Nei-Kuan point or the P6 point. The pressure should be applied to both wrists at once. The action is created within a few minutes.
Sea Band bracelets can be reused, or continuously without side effects. Can be washed by hand using mild soap.
How to place the Sea-Band bracelets?
Place the three central fingers on the inside of the wrist, with the extreme finger (ring finger) located right at the point of attachment to the wrist. The Nei-Kuan point is located just below the index finger – the lowest finger you have placed on the wrist.
The plastic button should be placed down on the Nei-Kuan point.
Repeat how to use the other wrist as well.
For effective operation the bracelets should be worn with both hands.