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Mega Mill-Kit – a plant extract concentrated in drops


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Mega Mill-Kit – a plant extract concentrated in drops.

Water, alcohol, alfalfa extract, fennel extract, coriander extract, Abraham bush extract, verbena extract, Chinese angelica extract, chamomile extract.
Plant extraction concentration: 1: 4.
Contains 45% alcohol by volume, less than 1.1% alcohol in serving.

Instructions for use:
25-45 drops, 3 times a day. Dilute with half a glass of water, juice or other beverage.
For fast results it is recommended to consume 25-45 drops every two hours in the first two days and gradually decrease to the usual dose.
Shake well before use.

Without animal components. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Not tested on animals.
Strictly kosher fur. Approved by the Haredi community, Jerusalem.