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Montessori toys for toddlers 1 2 girls 3 years old girls, Findcolor wooden balconies balancing blocks, educational and educational pile toys for 12-18 months babies infants

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【Preschool Learning】 Are you still looking for resources for your children’s brain development? Here is a Montessori sorting and stacking toy with 16 cartoon dolls divided into 4 groups, which works for learning the colors and also for balance.
【Never not only the stacking toy】 These one-year-old Montessori toys can be used as stacking toys that focus on movement and position and become aware of balance, coordination and gravity, but we can all set in sequence and then push one to see the chain effect of this block fall like dominoes like race.
【Practice fine motor skills】 Children use skilled hands to stack blocks carefully and maintain the balance of the blocks to stack higher without falling. It is a very test activity that greatly activates hand-eye coordination and their fine motor skills.
【Safety comes first】 Findcolor balance pile toys are made of natural solid wood, and the surface is sprayed with non-toxic water paint. In addition, the edges of each painted harp are polished again and again, and there will be no stains that will damage the soft skin of the children.
【2 sets to unlock more combinations】 There are more surprises when you buy two sets of dolls in a toy stack! Additional cartoon villains will not be limited to current combinations, children can develop additional ideas through imagination and creativity. Take action and see who can stack the highest!

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