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Montessori toys, educational rope toys, family board toys, fun board games, suitable for ages 2-6 children, suitable for practical exercise and flexible response


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[Last Children Board Game 2021] This children’s board game, through the clever and interesting assembly process, can effectively develop children’s intelligence, activate active thinking for children and allow children to learn to think flexibly. According to the increasing difficulty of the cards, the fun and challenge of the game in turn can be improved. It is more helpful to nurture the child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
[Interesting game] The specific game of this board game for kids requires the kids to draw a card, follow the pattern on the card to complete the task, and complete the fastest player to win. The interesting competition process can stimulate children’s competitiveness and encourage children to progress in game competitions Improves the ability to solve problems and specialize in research problems. Which arouses the children’s curiosity for lasting innovation.
[Game Component] The board game for kids is made of very durable ABS plastic. The color is rich and bright, odorless and non-toxic. The whole shape is round and not sharp. It is specially designed for child safety. This family board game has 2 game boards, 2 ropes, blue, yellow, red, orange, green, five color pages 10 of each, 30 fun cards and a full multilingual guide. The configuration is complete and the quality is good.
[Parent-child interaction] Board games for children are suitable for all ages. Parents can play games with their children happily, increase the bond between parents and children, reduce the communication distance between the two and play games with siblings. While competing with each other, it can increase fraternity, can also cultivate the ability of teamwork, activate group awareness and enjoy a happy and happy time together.
[Best kid gift] Board game for kids, this is a very educational gift for kids, toddlers, girls and boys. It is very suitable for individuals or a number of people to play at home or at parties as well as for friends to compete with each other. At special festivals, such as Christmas, birthday, Rosh Hashanah, Child’s Day, etc., great gifts for children.

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