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Chamomile from lice mowers is a spray that contains a solution for killing lice and lice eggs.

The product contains a concentration of 92% dimethicone (the highest concentration of dimethicone from the preparations available on the market).
Dimeticon is a substance from the silicone family that has been scientifically tested and proven to be extremely effective in treating the extermination of lice and lice eggs.
The high concentration of dimethicone imparts high efficiency and rapid effect.
Dimethicone is a safe substance that is not absorbed even in the digestive tract. Thus, the component is not dangerous to use as directed.

The preparation works by a unique physical mechanism that strangles the lice and their eggs and thus destroys them. The solution penetrates into the respiratory system of the adult lice and into the eggs of the lice and causes suffocation. This unique mechanism does not allow the development of lice resistance to the product.

Lice mower chamomile is intended for use in children aged two years and older.
Chamomile mower has a delicate scent of chamomile and a pleasant texture to apply on the hair.