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Learning Journey: My First Match With It – All My Toys – Matching self-repair puzzles for toddlers and preschoolers

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Fun introduction to puzzles – These two-piece puzzles are an ideal introduction to puzzles; Keep it fun and simple. My first match! Designed to provide the right level of challenge; You can start by offering only two matching parts and then increase the level of challenge by offering more parts to choose from as they master it.
Show key problem-solving skills – These puzzles are an ideal way to help your child develop a basic understanding of how to solve simple problems, and the colorful illustrations provide an instant reward for any problem solved!
Improve concentration and focus – Puzzles are a great way to gradually improve your child’s ability to focus on a task. The self-correcting puzzles make the child quickly realize that only one part will fit into any other part, and it is a great motivation to look for it, to maintain concentration over time.
Encourage language skills – the subject of the puzzle – all my toys – are designed to get your child to talk and discuss the pictures he creates while he assembles the puzzle. From naming toys to talking about them and talking about their toys, you encourage language and conversational skills.
Strengthening self-esteem and self-confidence – successfully putting together the puzzle provides a big boost to a child’s self-confidence, especially when rewarded with praise! The puzzles fix themselves so your child can not go wrong by connecting two incompatible parts. No disappointment – every effort is rewarded.

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