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Natural Wave Slow Feeding Nipple


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Natural Wave Slow Flow Feeding Nipple.
• Helps maintain existing suction patterns.
• Helps to easily move between the breast and the bottle and back.

Infant suction style includes 3 steps:
Perception: The baby’s lips open out and occupy the area around the nipple.
Peristaltic tongue movement: The tongue moves in a smooth wavy motion to compress the nipple and thus cause milk to be expelled. This movement encourages normal oral development of the jaw and face.
Ingestion: The back of the tongue rises to allow the milk to pass into the esophagus.

• Nipple tip – the baby controls the flow of milk.
• 100% soft silicone – stretches and shrinks for optimal compression.
• Internal vertical ridges – to strengthen the nipple structure and prevent collapse (collapse-resistant).
Unique design: Nipple with a gradual slope – for easy latch on and effective suction.
• AVS ™ – Air Ventilation System – reduces air intake which is a potential cause of colic.