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(Almost) Perfect Dog Nose 3 – The Wild Life of the Brave Super


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By: Bettina Obercht | Illustration: Barbara Schultz

The third book in the series “Hotam, the almost perfect dog”.
Finally, the dream of a brave superhero, a good friend of Hotam’s, comes true: he meets a real wild wolf! Because most of all, the little pug dog wants to live a free life with a pack of wolves. Super-brave does not particularly like humans, even if they are very nice, like the family of Hutam.
Mia, Palim and Hotam begin to worry when the brave one disappears following the wolf into the thicket of the forest. And as if that’s not enough, it also becomes clear to them that they are about to leave their beloved home. Will the little pug dog come home, or would he rather stay with the wolf? And will Mia, Flip and Hotam manage to find a new home for their family?
The series is intended for children at the beginning of reading, and is accompanied throughout by the wonderful illustrations by Barbara Schultz. The animals featured in the series are smart, entertaining and exciting. The series is full of positive and vital messages, and young readers have no choice but to discuss the issue: Is a snout really (almost) a perfect dog, and should it be perfect at all?
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By: Bettina Obercht

Translation: Hannah Livnat

Ages: 10 – 6

Score: Full score

Cover type: hard

Number of pages: 175

Year of publication: 2021