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Omega 3 pregnancy kit and multivitamin for pregnant women SupHerb


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9 month package
Consists of two leading products that are suitable in terms of composition exactly for the period before pregnancy, pregnancy and breastfeeding and complies with the recommendations of the Israeli Gynecologists Association! Economical and easy-to-use package for a full two months.

9-month package including two dedicated products:
An advanced multi-vitamin-mineral with a rich composition and a variety of components. The formula provides in Table 1 all the ingredients needed for a woman in the pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation period and in the optimal doses.

Omega 3 9 months
An omega-3 product that provides essential components for supplementation during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation
Contains omega 3 from fish source
Contains 350 mg DHA
40 mg EPA
400 units of vitamin D3
User manual:
Frigendant: One tablet a day, with a meal.
Omega DHA: One capsule a day, with a meal.