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Once spray destroys lice and lice eggs in one treatment – family packaging

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Mehadrin ONCE has proven scientific efficiency and a high safety profile. One 15-minute treatment with Hadrin ONCE destroys both the lice and the lice eggs, usually without the need to repeat the treatment a week later.

This is in contrast to other products, where it is necessary to repeat the treatment after 7-10 days.

High and proven clinical efficacy in exterminating lice and lice eggs.
Without pesticides.
Gentle on hair and scalp.
Easy and convenient to use on dry hair.
Especially suitable for long and / or curly hair.
Hadrin ONCE spray is suitable for use by the whole family: infants from the age of 6 months, children and adults.
Approved for use by the Ministry of Health in Israel and the Ministries of Health in Europe.

Hadrin ONCE spray is suitable for the treatment of dry hair, so do not wash your hair before the treatment.
• Hold the spray at a distance of 10 cm from the hair and carefully spray a sufficient and uniform amount of the spray on dry hair.
Spread the Hadrin ONCE along the hair, from the hair roots to the ends. You can do this with your fingers or using a comb.
• Leave Hadrin ONCE on your hair for at least 15 minutes (or longer if you are comfortable).
• When you are ready to remove the spray, apply shampoo along the entire length of the hair without wetting the hair with water. Applying the shampoo allows for effective removal of hair.
Because the spray repels water, you must make sure that the hair is completely covered with shampoo before wetting the hair.
• Now wash your hair thoroughly and rinse it with water. Please note – Hadrin ONCE spray contains ingredients that prevent foaming, so the shampoo will not lather easily. Hair conditioner can be used as needed.
• If the spray has not been completely removed, wait until the hair is dry and repeat the overlapping operation (applying shampoo on dry hair, along its entire length and rinsing with water).
After the treatment, it is recommended to comb the hair with a dense comb (such as the ‘Asi 2000’ comb) designed to remove lice and lice eggs from the hair.

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