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Mamm Perfect silicone pacifier for ages 6+ months, 60% thinner and 4 times softer than a regular pacifier.
Designed to reduce the risk of crooked teeth developing.

• Without bisphenol A
• No bisphenol S

SkinSoft Silicone nipple made of extra soft silicone. Gives a soft and natural feeling like that of a mother.

Developed together with orthodontists and pediatric dentists:
Developed in collaboration with medical experts for maximum safety.

From the first moment, MAM products were developed in collaboration with medical experts and research institutes like ICMRS, pediatricians, child development specialists, dentists and nurses.

Dentists agree: the thinner and softer the pacifier neck, the less pressure there is on the teeth and gums, and the less risk of crooked teeth.

Includes a box for sterilization in the microwave and for convenient and sterile carrying in a bag.