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A pair of nipples stage 3 – Closer to Nature


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A pair of stage 3 nipples from the ‘Most Natural Like a Mother’ series

Suitable from 6 months and up.
A pair of nipples in fast flow.
The nipples were shaped with maximum imitation of the elasticity and natural sensation of the breast.
Suitable for all Tommy Tippy bottles from the ‘Most Natural Like Mom’ series.
Without bisphenol A.

‘Most Natural Like a Mother’ is a revolutionary and exclusive series of products from ‘TOMMEE TIPPEE’, designed and designed to mimic the flexibility, feeling and natural movement of the mother’s breast.
The nipple is much larger than any other nipple and has a breast-like shape, this shape is designed to ensure that when the baby moves from the breast to the most natural bottle the mother will be able to cling to it in exactly the same way as clinging to the breast, opening the mouth wide and sucking the entire nipple area.
The new nipple from ‘TOMMEE TIPPEE’ is made of soft silicone to the touch, very flexible and gives a natural feeling. When the nipple is full of milk it is as warm and supple as a mother’s breast. In addition, the nipple has an anti-gas valve to release air to prevent abdominal pain.
In order to preserve the special mechanism that simulates breastfeeding, the nipple should be cleaned with a soft brush or with the addition of a sponge and not with a nipple brush.

The ‘most natural as a mother’ nipple, which has a global patent, simulates the shape, touch, movement and sensation of the mother’s breast, allows you to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding and thus extend the duration of breastfeeding even when you return to work.
Thanks to the shape and the way the baby clings to the nipple of the bottle, he will not feel the difference between the bottle and the breast so you can continue to breastfeed even after returning to work.