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A pair of pacifiers with 18-36m white animal illustrations Closer To Nature


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A pair of designed pacifiers, decorated with animal illustrations from Tommy Tippy’s most natural as a mother ‘series.

Mothers know that there is nothing more wonderful than a relaxed, calm and contented baby. Tommy Tippy has developed new pacifiers that have been tried by babies and have been a resounding success.

Pacifiers with a symmetrical nipple that supports the natural development of the oral cavity, the design of the pacifier allows the baby to hold it in the mouth easily and comfortably. The shape of the nipple is similar to the bottle nipple from the “Most Natural Like a Mother” series, which makes it easier for the baby to absorb the pacifier.

Cool colorful designs with a variety of especially sweet animal figures!

Have a symmetrical orthodontic nipple made of silicone, which helps maintain the natural shape of the teeth and gums.

BPA free.

Suitable for ages 18-36 months.