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A pair of toothpastes for children Children’s Tooth Gel Weleda


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Children’s toothpaste was developed in collaboration with dentists and is specially adapted for baby teeth and therefore contains extremely delicate active ingredients.

Children’s toothpaste is in the form of a gel, with the addition of natural silica that allows a gentle and effective cleaning without causing abrasion in the tooth glass (enamel) or damage to the gums, as well as a gentle extract of calendula flowers that soothes and maintains a healthy appearance of teeth and gums.
Many children tend to swallow the regular toothpastes that contain large amounts of sugar, sweeteners and fluoride and therefore, the packaging of these products contains clear restrictions on the amount allowed for use.
Toothpaste for children does not contain these components and is safe even in case of ingestion.
Kids love the delicate taste of toothpaste, which comes from pure essential oils and its golden color, which comes from calendula flowers.

Suitable for use from the first milk tooth.