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Perfume fabrics for babies and children’s rooms Sweet Baby without alcohol and chemicals Elysium


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Elysium fabric perfumes

Fabric fragrances and neutralize bad odors are innovative products without alcohol, with innovative and pleasant aromas, user-friendly and environmentally friendly for children and babies.
The awnings are designed for use on fabrics and throughout children’s rooms.
Elysium fabric perfumes have refreshing and friendly fragrance bubbles that disperse fresh and clean fragrances in every movement or contact with the fabric, the scent bubbles remain on the fabric for 12 hours.
Fabric perfumes will bring a scent of natural freshness to your child’s rooms and neutralize bad odors.

The perfumes have undergone safety tests in an outdoor lab and have been found to be friendly to the environment in children and infants.

• Recyclable.
• Not tested on animals.
• Free of parabens and SLS.
• Neutralizes bad odors.
• Safe for fabrics and towels according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
• Gas-free spray.
• Baby and child friendly.