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Qylpnb 2 Pack Glowing Pop Balls, Glow In The Dark Balls For Kids, Silicone Fidget Toys Stretched Balls For Adults


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Glow in the dark: The glow pressure ball can glow in the dark. Put the pressure ball in the sun or project it in strong light, then place it in the dark, it will illuminate.
Safe material: The pressure balls that glow in the dark are made of premium food grade non-toxic silicone. Children can play with them safely without a mess without the parents worrying. They are very durable and will last for a long time. You can also wash them by hand if they get dirty.
Fun: These are varied stretchy exercise balls. You can blow the bubbles on the balls. You can also crush, squeeze, pull, crush and knead the balls. The ball even bounces if you throw it on the floor. You will have great fun playing them.
Stress Relief: You can hold a glowing stress ball in the dark with one hand and squeeze it while watching TV, using a cell phone or waiting in line. They help you release stress and anxiety. They also increase the strength of your arm muscles.
Best gift: This glowing pressure ball is full of creativity and fun. It can relieve stress and change mood. It is very suitable as a gift for your children, friends, relatives or yourself.

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