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Fructo obelipia – rectal wicks

Procto Oblifacha wicks are wicks designed for use in the buttocks (rectal wicks), convenient to use, and provide quick relief. The wicks contain hyaluronic acid, olive oil and calendula oil, which form a protective layer of tissue in the area of use, gently lubricate the area and help the skin to heal. The wicks are specially adapted to help treat hemorrhoids.

Procto Oblica wicks create a high-moisture shield and thus contribute to the healing processes in the rectum and anus, isolate the wound, protect it from friction and infection and allow it to close and heal.

Instructions for use: Multiple dose in the absence of doctor’s instructions: one wick – morning and evening and after each exit.
Do not use wicks if sensitivity to one of the components is known.
Do not use wicks in case of intestinal obstruction or chronic intestinal dysfunction.
Do not use wicks frequently without consulting your doctor.
Pregnant women, heart or kidney patients, urinary tract patients, severe abdominal pain, inflamed, injured or injured skin in the area (and not related to hemorrhoids), bleeding hemorrhoids should be consulted by a physician before use.

Before starting treatment, read the internal leaflet of the product.

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