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Swivel safety chair 360 Circle Double Comfort Gray Circle

0-36 kg

Suitable from birth to 36 kg – groups 0/1/2/3

Rotates for easy income and expense

Very low chance of installation error

Rotates easily and 360 degrees

4 reclining / sitting positions (1 against the direction of travel + 3 positions with the direction of travel)

Booster seat combined from birth to age 8, including an internal comfort cushion that can be removed when the child grows up

Suitable as a safety seat from birth to weight 18 kg Suitable as a booster used with vehicle straps from weight 15 to 36 kg

The chair has a head protection system with 11 height positions that can be easily adjusted

Installation using Isofix system also in booster mode

Lying / sitting changing system with 4 positions

European certificate holder Ece R / 4404



Swivel safety chair 360 Circle Double Comfort Gray YB102A Circle