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Primo Anodized Green Scooter

The Primo Anodize 2021 scooter is a smart and designed scooter with a handle with a change in height that is suitable from the age of 3, the scooter has a smart steering system that can be locked and released according to the child’s progress.



The Primo scooter has high-quality HQ wheels and shock absorbers
The aluminum rod has a durable and high-quality anodized coating and the scooter handle can be easily detached by pressing the red button at the bottom of the rod, which allows easy storage in the car or at home.
Lightweight and strong aluminum chassis with flexible and strong nylon at the bottom
HQ silicone wheels
The scooter has 2 front wheels with a diameter of 121 mm and a rear silicone wheel with a diameter of 80 mm
All wheels have HQ finish quality and are coated with a shock-absorbing PU material
The base of the scooter is made of strong and elastic plastic
The scooter handle has a choice of 3 height positions
On the front of the scooter is a patented button that locks / releases the steering of the handlebars – for a perfect fit for children at all stages of learning to ride
Uncompromising stability – the scooter base is at a very low height above the ground and thus gives the child confidence and stability
At the back of the scooter Primo brakes
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Primo Anodized scooter is suitable for children from the age of 3
Suitable for children up to a weight of 50 kg
The weight of the scooter is about 3 kg
The height of the handle varies from 67.5 to 77.5 cm