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A lice comb


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A lice comb for particularly effective removal of lice and lice eggs.
Unique patent!
Extra long and dense teeth in a unique diamond structure made of stainless steel.
The diamond structure allows lice and lice eggs to be captured efficiently without causing damage to the hair.
• Easy and convenient to use.
• Suitable for all hair types.
• Handle for extra comfortable grip and easy and efficient combing.

Instructions for use: After using a product for the treatment of lice, such as Active Circle, first comb the wet hair with a regular hairbrush.
Next, divide the hair into small strands and comb each strand thoroughly from the scalp to the ends of the hair.
Between combs, rinse the scrubber thoroughly with water to prevent lice and lice eggs from returning to the hair.
It is recommended to use the scissors every day for at least a week after the treatment with the treatment for lice.
To complete the lice removal operation, it is recommended to use Circle Forte products that contain a complex of natural oils to maintain maximum hair hygiene.