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Selkel Jim Chromium Gemm

Jim Gemm Chromium model cell. Has side protection and full inner padding that keeps your child safe and relaxed.


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• For installation against the direction of travel from birth to a weight of 13 kg.
• With side protection.
• Full removable inner padding.
• The seat upholstery can be removed and machine washed.
• Adjustable and agronomic carrying handle with a comfortable and pleasant grip.
• Removable folding awning.
• Rounded base allows oscillation and calming.
• Connects to most Joie strollers without the need for an adapter.
• Can be attached to additional strollers using a Maxi Cozy adapter.
• Can be installed on the car seat with a Joie base (sold separately) or with the car seat safety harness.
• Has three mooring points.
• A five-point harness with padding for the shoulder straps and buckle.
• One pull movement easily strengthens the harness
• Approved for use in aircraft.

Dimensions: Size: 65 cm X 43.5 cm X 57 cm Weight: 4 kg
Age: 0+ age group, from birth up to a weight of 13 kg Approved for use by the Standards Institute according to the European standard


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