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SENSO-TEST Home ovulation test


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Home ovulation test

A test that identifies the two most fertile days, with the highest chance of getting pregnant. Ensures a quick and clear result in less than a minute.

If you are trying to get pregnant, you should find out exactly when the ovulation process is taking place in your body. The Senso-Test kit accurately and clearly detects the fertile days when the chances of getting pregnant are very high. You can only get pregnant on a few fertile days a month. Therefore, if you want to get pregnant, it is important that you have sex during these two fertile days, around the time of ovulation.

SENSO-TEST Ovulation test, does it in the most discreet and accurate way and locates for you the days when your chances of getting pregnant are highest.

Ovulation is a natural process that occurs once a month, when the egg is released from the ovary. In order to get pregnant the egg must be fertilized by the sperm within 24 hours of its release.

How does the Senso Test ovulation test kit work?
The Senso-Test ovulation test is based on the detection of an increase in the ovulation hormone LH – lutein. The test reveals the woman’s 2 most fertile days through a urine test that allows an accurate diagnosis of the days of ovulation – the test allows the ovulation to be predicted 24-48 hours in advance and thus reveals the best time to have a relationship that will lead to pregnancy.

A test we conducted revealed that many women such as women with irregular periods need more than 5 test strips a month to locate the fertile days. The Senso-Test kit contains 7 swabs wrapped in paper that protects them from moisture. The test is convenient and very easy to perform, during the test the swab should come in contact with urine for 5 seconds, in less than a minute the result is obtained in the control window on the swab.

Benefits of a Senso-Test Home Ovulation Test:

High accuracy percentages: 99% in laboratory tests. The assessment includes a table for calculating the day the test started and a detailed explanation for reading the results.

SENSO-TEST ovulation – 20 strips for ovulation + pregnancy test on a free strip (suitable for about 4 months of testing).