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Shretilre 26 Pieces Wooden Stack Toys For Kids 3 Years Old Balance Toys Balance Stones Rock Pile Sorting And Stacking Rocks For Kids Montessori Toys Wooden Construction Game


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הער Stacking stones】 Montessori wooden toys for age 3 are made of natural stone, different from a traditional wooden pile toy. Each wooden pile block is a polyhedron in different sizes, colors and weights. Toy stacking dice kits can meet the different stacking needs of children and make the stacking game more challenging.
עץ Wooden cubes】 The balance block package includes 26 colored wooden balance stone toys in different colors and sizes, 6 large parts, 12 medium parts, 8 small parts. These stacking toys in different colors can meet the different stacking needs of children. Children will not feel bored during the game. It can give children rich experience and make them feel actually happy.
【The perfect parent-child game】 When children enjoy themselves, stacking toys are a good toy that can improve their patience and cultivate independent thinking and logical thinking skills. When children and their parents are immersed in the game together, the balance stones will become an excellent interactive game that promotes the bond between them.
【Material】 The stacking blocks are made of quality pine wood, environmentally friendly, natural, safe, healthy and non-toxic. The manual polishing process ensures that the surface of the balance rocks is smooth and free of stains, making our rock blocks durable, strong and not easily damaged. The outer layer of the stone is coated with an environmentally friendly, lightweight paint layer.
【Best Choice for Gift】 Building blocks for toddlers ages 3-5 are the best gift for preschoolers, which can activate children’s brain thinking and activate their patience, creativity and logical thinking skills. It’s not just a pile game. Montessori toys for ages 3+ are a challenging and interesting art project. Stacked building blocks can also be used as unique home decorations and are the best gifts for children, neighbors, friends, students, children and family.

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