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Mickey Mouse silicone pacifiers in improved design Disney 0-6m


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A pair of silicone orthodontic pacifiers for ages 0-6 months, an improved design for NUK’s original design.

• Simulates the mother’s nipple while breastfeeding and optimally fits the baby’s mouth.
• The nipple neck is narrower and thinner, reducing pressure on the jaw and teeth.
• Flat bottom, pleasant to the touch in the mouth, leaves room for suction movements.
• For ages 0-6 months, without bisphenol A, a pair in a package in different colors and illustrations.

The perfect workout for the muscles of the mouth:

The shape of the NUK pacifier is based on the shape of the mother’s nipple during breastfeeding and is ergonomically adapted to the baby’s jaw. This design of NUK pacifiers allows you to calm the baby and also helps in the healthy development of the mouth and maintaining its health.

The pacifier minimizes the pressure on the teeth and jaw and leaves enough free space for natural suction movements of the tongue.

Does not cause crooked teeth or jaw defects.

The pacifiers made in Germany are safe to use and do not contain bisphenol A.