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Soft and hypoallergenic nose wipes


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Drippers: Soft nose wipes

Without parabens.
Without SLS.

They are small, cold and very suffering. How easy is it for them?
Colds are caused by a viral infection of the nose and throat (upper respiratory tract) characterized by sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion.
In infants and young children rhinitis can be a real distress. A baby does not know how to blow his nose alone, the runny nose blocks the passage of air in the nose and creates respiratory distress. This creates a general distress that is accompanied by a decrease in appetite, irritation in the nostrils, around the nose and more.
That is exactly why Katz has developed the Drip Series, a series of products designed for children with colds.

Extra soft wipes for cleaning the nose with a caressing touch, which contain a mixture of oils that help refresh the breath.
The wipes are enriched with plant extracts (aloe vera, chamomile, etc.) that help soothe irritated skin.
Contains a mixture of oils including eucalyptus, mint and more, which help refresh the breath.

The wipes are especially suitable for babies and children.
Do not contain alcohol.
Contains iodine.

for external use only.
Contact with eyes and mouth should be avoided.