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Sterilizer for microwave use – Tommy Tippy


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Sterilizer Tommy Tippy

Gives you peace of mind – performs the sterilization operation for bottles and pacifiers in a fast and quality manner and is an excellent solution for many parents.

easy to use,
Fast and safe
Suitable for use in all microwaves.
BPA free

User manual:

Take out the net and fill the base with 200 ml of tap water (according to the marking on the most natural bottle like mother 150 ml inside the case or with the help of any other measuring tool
2. Disinfect the items on the grid, place at the base and close the lid
3. Insert the sterilizer into the microwave – the operating time is shown in the instruction table as needed.
4. At the end of use – the contents remain sterile for 24 hours if the sterilizer is not opened.