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Complete Yoyo 2 stroller including crib

The YOYO that conquered the world, now with a crib, YOYO 2 stroller + crib at a crazy price! Babyzen does it again… and is now proud to present the YOYO crib – extremely light, super comfortable and portable everywhere. The crib connects directly to the YOYO, and allows the little baby to lie down fully. Perfect cover for a baby from birth.


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The stroller
Folds and opens with one hand so you can hold the baby in your other hand
A new and extremely strong skeleton
Approved for use up to 22 kg !!!
New! Improved shock absorber system made of elastic material
®, in unique technology, in four wheels
New handle, comfortable, pleasant to the touch and hygienic, with a luxurious leather-like appearance, includes a grip for increased safety
Includes a grip strap for increased safety
A new safety buckle with a new design is easier and more comfortable to operate, and more pleasant to the touch
Click-on safety buckle
A new, softer and more flexible backrest strap. The new strap makes adjusting the backrest on a +6 stroller simpler than ever
Rear window in the roof so you can always keep a close eye on your child
Back pocket with zipper that will allow you to arrange all the necessary items at hand
Peeking roof with 2 different opening modes
Special fabric that provides protection of +
UPF 50
From the sun, covered with a water-repellent coating
Comes with a matching carrying case

Crib YOYO2

Connects with a click
One click separates the new BabySan crib from YOYO
The crib connects easily using a special adapter that includes a built-in opening for the parasol
A perfect crib thanks to a semi-rigid shell and leg cover, which wrap and protect the baby from birth to the age of six months (or up to a weight of 9 kg)
Easy to carry, easy to ride!
Extremely light and compact crib!
Folds into compact sizes that will help store it wherever you go.
With the handles of the new BabySen YOYO crib, it is easiest to place it on the stroller or on the ground
Convenient and practical
The crib has a breathable and comfortable mattress.
Comes with 2 internal storage pockets and vents at the bottom of the crib
The cradle roof is elongated, with an opening for ventilation and with radiation filters to protect your child from the sun

Photo illustration

Since 2012, most airlines have approved the boarding of YOYO carriages (whose dimensions when folded are 52 x 44 × 18 cm) to a hand-held aircraft.
Storage basket containing up to 5 kg
Lightweight and expandable: 6.2 kg to 6.6 kg
Crib dimensions: 78 cm (length) X 44 cm (width) X 46 cm (depth)
Folds into super compact sizes that allow for easy and convenient storage
Folded crib dimensions: 48 cm X 44 cm X 30 cm
YOYO² Complete weight with crib: 8.1 kg


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