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The animal and its home – stage 1


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The “Animal and Home” magnetic matching game is intended for ages 2+.
Helps to get to know the animals and the house in which they live.
Key to image observation and matching ability.
The toddler must adjust each animal to its home by placing the animal on the corresponding magnetic board.
The game includes:
10 rectangular magnet plates with a drawing of the animal house.
10 magnet figures in the shape of the beast.
The animals and pavilion in the game: cow and barn, rooster and coop, duck and lake, dog and kennel, lion and savannah, mouse and cave, horse and stable, cat and basket, bee and hive, sheep and herd.
Recommended by occupational clinics to strengthen the shoulder girdle.
The magnets are extremely flexible and high quality with rounded corners – toddler-friendly.
The magnets are comfortable for a toddler to hold and learn and play.

Ages: 3 – 1