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Tommy Tipi Manual Breast Pump Ages: 0+


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The manual breast pump from Tommy Tippy has a unique patent, with massage strips that encourage fast and convenient milk production. Manual operation ensures discretion and easy control, for a comfortable level of pumping. The pump consists of only 3 parts, which makes assembly and cleaning just as easy to use.

In addition, the package of the pump includes a 60 ml container for storing breast milk – place the container in the most natural bottle like mother and pump directly from the pump to the container inside the bottle, a bottle from the ‘most natural as mother’ series 150 ml with nipple step 1, sterilization box (Sterilization) which in addition keeps the bottle and pump clean and 6 nursing pads.

Containers for storing milk in the freezer or in the refrigerator can be attached to the pump (for purchase separately).

Many mothers use a manual or electric breast pump every day. A breastfeeding pump helps create a regular and orderly breastfeeding and feeding routine, helps relieve congestion pain and stress that accompanies breastfeeding and helps working mothers ensure that their child receives a healthy diet based on breast milk.

Manual breast pump – accompanies you in the breastfeeding routine

A manual breast pump is a good solution for any new mother who wants to breastfeed but wants to get help from breastfeeding from time to time. The pump can be carried anywhere, is easy to clean and does not require an electrical connection. It helps relieve congestion, a condition that many nursing mothers suffer from. In addition, it allows you to pump milk portions easily and quickly for every meal and feeding of the baby.

Tommy Tippy breastfeeding pump – a complete company on the go

Tommy Tippy’s manual pump is a slightly different breastfeeding pump, with a unique patent – massage strips that encourage milk production and create a more convenient and faster pumping routine. The pump consists of only three parts so it is easy to assemble and clean. The pump case also includes a storage container for breast milk, a sterilization box, a bottle with nipple pads and nursing pads.

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