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Gel toothpaste for children


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Dentists recommend that you start getting your children used to brushing their teeth from the first tooth.

Gel toothpaste for children from Welda, and as its name implies, is intended for children and is perfect for their baby teeth. Gel toothpaste for children from Welda contains active ingredients, which are considered very gentle on the teeth and is therefore suitable for children starting with the first tooth. The ointment comes as a gel, and contains natural silica, which allows effective cleaning of the teeth without damaging the gums themselves or the tooth vitreous.

Gel toothpaste for children from Welda contains a very gentle extract of calendula flowers, which are known to be very soothing and help maintain the healthy appearance of the gums and teeth.

The toothpaste has a delicious and delicate taste and a beautiful color that children love so children will be happy to use it and brush their teeth every day.

Gel toothpaste for children from Welda was developed together with the dentists and according to their recommendations and is considered particularly good.