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Wooden dinosaur pile toy for kids 3 4 5 6 7 year old boy and girl, beads lacing dinosaurs and string toys, dinosaur balancing games pile blocks, toys from


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Cute Dinosaur Toy for Kids: Our colorful dinosaur toys are bigger than others, with 7 dinosaurs with different shapes and colors, which can establish an early diagnosis of shape, color and size for age 1 2 3 4. It can stimulate the imagination of toddlers and promote their physical and intellectual development.
Choosing a mother: Child health comes first! Stacking dinosaur toys are made of quality wood and coated in a variety of eco-friendly colors based on water, safe and non-toxic. An ideal size designed for small hands, not only easy to care for, but also to prevent accidental ingestion.
Montessori learning toys for toddlers: This is a fun Montessori toy for 2 3 boys and 4 girls. This wooden toy set is designed to train toddlers concentration, thinking ability, logical ability, practical ability, balance ability in the game process, and improve their emotional control and stress resistance.
Variety of games: Simple game and advanced game. You can start with a simple game, and then add a balance board based on the simple game to make it more challenging to increase the difficulty. Use your child’s imagination to find the secret of form and balance. Enjoy, it’s time to build a world of dinosaurs for kids.
Parent-child interactive entertainment toys: Our balancing dinosaur toys require patience and imagination while playing, enough to allow children to stay away from electronic devices for a period of time to think about how to successfully put the little dinosaurs on the balance board.

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