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Tutazook Tummy Time Mirror, Baby Mirror Tummy Time with a book made of wrinkled cloth and teeth, high contrast baby toys baby floor mirror baby toddler belly toys


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High Contrast Baby Toys: Experiments have shown that newborns prefer to look at complex patterns of high contrast, which helps activate the baby’s vision and pique the baby’s curiosity. Let the baby observe the appearance of this baby while in the womb and it will improve the baby’s cognitive ability and promote intellectual development.
Wrinkle Cloth Removal Book: There is no need to purchase cloth books and teething toys for babies separately. Baby shows, canvas books, baby teeth and high contrast patterns are all together. Crinkle book can be fixed on the mirror with buckles, can also be removed and used alone.
Promote baby development – Playing in the belly time mirrors helps strengthen the baby’s leg and arm muscles to prepare for crawling. In addition to preventing flat heads, this Montessori toy for babies aged 0-6 months can also develop the brain and improve hand-eye coordination. Which makes the little angel’s belly time more interesting!
High quality belly toys: We put baby safety first, the edible teeth are non-toxic and harmless, the soft look is not easy to break, the quality print is not easy to fade, and we use a soft look and a specially sewn edge design, to prevent the baby from scratching.
Best Baby Toys: Belly Time This baby mirror is designed to be very lightweight and can be folded. You can attach a baby mirror toy to the headrest of the car or use it in a crib, stroller, raised chair, and you can put it on. It is very convenient to carry anywhere you want. Great for travel gift, gift for shower, newborn babies. First birthday present.

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