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Weleda Calendula bath cream for weleda baby


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Calendula baby bath cream
For cleansing and nourishing the skin while bathing

On the product

The use of soap for bathing the baby’s skin during the first months of life is not recommended, this is because the soap substances cause a change in the natural acidity level of the skin and the removal of the layer of fat that protects it naturally. Calendula bath cream for babies, used to cleanse the skin during the first months. Welda bath cream does not contain soap or detergent, but still supports effective cleansing of the skin while bathing, nourishes and protects it. A gentle mixture of almond oil and pure sesame oil, wrap the baby and give him deep nourishment. Organic Calendula Flower Extract will contribute to the refinement and soothing of irritated and reddened skin while a gentle blend of essential oils will leave a delicate and natural fragrance for the baby’s skin

User manual

Add a few sprays of calendula bath cream into the bath filled with hot water and mix gently with your hand. The lotion will dissolve well in water. If you are interested in a quick shower, a few drops of bath cream on a piece of flannel fabric will do the job.