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A box game model of what and how Isra Toys was created

A game for developing the ability to look at an image, adaptability and develop visual memory.



The game has 36 cards that make up 12 threes.

Each trio consists of: 1. Natural treasure Intermediate stage / motivation for action 3. The final product, for example: one card shows a picture of an orange (Otzar Teva), the middle card shows a picture of a juicer (the motive for action) and the third card shows a picture of a glass of orange juice (the final product)

In preparation for the game, place a card in front of your child and attach the appropriate cards to him. Continue to assemble the rest of the cards in the same way. You can talk to your child about the way things are created and the process that goes through the raw product to the finished product. Matching cards will complement each other like in a jigsaw puzzle.

In the game, the child will process data and understand the process that the natural treasure goes through to the final product, in the following terms:

Orange to a glass of orange juice, a glass of water to ice cubes, wooden sources to a wooden crate, vegetables to a vegetable salad, cake baking products, wheat grains to bread, olive wood to olive oil, wood for books, clay to a pitcher, a press for wool, a bee for honey and a cow for yellow cheese.

how do you play?

Matching game: Shuffle the cards and scatter them with the pictures visible. Each participant in turn makes up a trio.

Competitive memory game: Shuffle the cards and arrange them in rows face down. Each participant in turn turns over three cards and shows them to everyone. If they match, he places them next to him and turns over three more cards. If they do not match, he puts them upside down and the turn goes to the next participant.

What’s in the box?

36 illustrated cards that make up 12 processes

Age: 3-5

Participants: 2-4

You learn in three steps how things are created from nature