Sleeping Baby

Good night: This is how you will build the ideal sleeping ritual for the baby

We all hear the term “sleep ritual” but most of us do not really understand what it means – and how, exactly, it should be performed. In practice a sleeping ceremony is a series of regular activities that are repeated every evening aimed at giving the baby stability and security. We want to create an agenda from the very first moment, build healthy sleeping habits and help the new baby separate between day and night sleep, which will allow him to fall asleep easily, calm him down and also allow parents a relaxed evening routine.

This is a ceremony that should be started at a young age – the recommendations vary and range around the age of 6-8 weeks, although there are those who recommend a ceremony from the first night at home. We have created a list of recommendations, tips and ideas for a sleeping ceremony for you – you do not have to do everything, as each family finds its own way to create a ceremony that suits the character of the house and the baby.

Beginning time : There is no fixed time for a sleep ritual to begin, but the recommendation is to save about 45 minutes to an hour for the ritual, even before the signs of fatigue begin. After the bath the baby will be more tired, and we will want to allow him (and us) enough time to build a relaxed routine. The recommended hours are 18: 30- 20:00, depending on the baby’s signs of fatigue.

Reduction of stimuli: One of the most important things is to reduce stimuli as much as possible. It is advisable to take the baby out of the living room (whether after the night bottle or before), bring the room to a pleasant temperature, dim lights, avoid screens and even speak in a softer and weaker voice, to create a clear separation between the stimulus-laden day and the calm and calm night.

Bathroom : After reducing the stimuli, have a pleasant and warm bath for the baby. In the bathroom, too, it is advisable to use weaker lighting, heat the room well and arrange in advance everything you will need at the time of going out – to avoid unnecessary running around. Dedicated bath oil for babies can be added to the water to maintain the moisture of the skin and prevent irritation.

Night massage: Massage is designed to soothe the baby, help with cases of flatulence and allow the parent minutes of pleasant and relaxed attachment. In addition, massage can ease the process of falling asleep and prolong the night’s sleep. Massage can be done with body lotion or oil, or simply by gentle stroking. Before the massage, be sure to warm the cream by rubbing your palms together, so that it is comfortable for the baby’s sensitive skin.

Nightwear: It is true that the baby still does not understand what he is wearing, but be sure to change into a new, clean and comfortable outfit for bedtime to signal to him about the end of the day and the beginning of the night. In time the baby will get used to the process and the sleepwear will be another sign that will allow him to understand that the day is over and it is time to go to bed.

Songs and stories : Babies recognize their parents’ voice and relax when they hear it, so whether you decide to sing a song, read a story or just say good night to them, let them hear a calm and peaceful voice before he goes to bed.

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