Sleeping Baby

Good night: four tips that will upgrade your baby’s night’s sleep

“Sleep now,” is the phrase every parent couple expecting a first child hears. “Sleep now” because the nights are going to get longer and crazier, because the baby is going to be awake and so are you, and in general, sleep is going to become something you will miss.

The good news is that this is not necessarily true. While a new baby disrupts the spontaneity and agenda as you have known it to this day, it does not really mean that you must give up your nights forever. True, there will be nights that are harder than others, but there are definitely things you can do to start and arrange the sleep cycles of the new rib in the family from the very first moment.

To allow you and your new baby to easily adjust to regular sleeping hours, we have collected four simple tips for you:

Darkness : Babies manage to sleep everywhere, even in a noisy house or on a busy street. And yet, at night, it is advisable to put him to sleep in a dark and quiet room (as much as possible). During the night, the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for the sleep cycle, is secreted and is secreted in the dark. Melatonin begins to appear in significant amounts already at the age of six months, so even changing the diaper during the night (or feeding) should be done in a dark and calm room, with a small night light, and quietly.

Agenda : Although we see “sleep cycles” in infants, and may think that the exact hour of anesthesia does not matter, experts recommend maintaining a regular bedtime for the night from an early age. A regular hour helps the baby’s biological clock, and as he grows he learns to anticipate bedtime – something that brings security and order to his life. An ever-changing anesthesia time can create confusion and uncertainty, and although children do not know exactly what time it is, the very possibility of anticipating what is going to help them create a safer and more pleasant routine.

Sleep ritual : One of the first things that experts recommend is to create a baby sleeping ritual. This is a regular sequence of actions that is done daily at as fixed hours as possible, the purpose of which is to help the baby separate the day and night hours from his first days. It is possible to produce a series of actions that include darkening the room, bath, feeding, massage, song or anything else. The ceremony helps the baby create a sense of security and enter a better, deeper and more continuous sleep – as well as a more pleasant farewell from the parent for the night.

Do not “interfere” with sleep : Babies move and make noises during the night, and as new parents we want to come and help as soon as possible. Despite this, it is advisable not to jump at the first sound. Sometimes, our very reaction – entering a room, petting, lifting or even a cell phone light can cause the baby to get out of the sleep cycle and have difficulty falling asleep again. It is advisable to give the baby a few moments to put himself to sleep and approach him only when he really needs help and attention.

Bonus tip: One of the things that is especially hard for new parents to accept is the phrase “sleep from sleep”, we have a tendency to think that a baby who sleeps long hours during the day will be more alert at night, and we are stressed if the baby continues to sleep for long hours. Paradoxically the opposite is true – the better the baby sleeps during the day the better he will sleep during the night, and a good, long sleep during the day will result in even better sleep at night. So do not stress and do not wake the baby from sleep.

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