The first birthday is without a doubt a special and exciting occasion. This is the year when new parents learn to get to know the baby and discover an infinity of new character traits and behaviors. This is a year when the baby learns to sit, tries to stand, maybe even mumbles a few words or takes a few steps. The first birthday symbolizes the transition from a baby to a toddler, therefore, when it comes to gifts for a one-year-old, we are all looking for the gift that will manage to combine beauty, value, interest and, of course, budget . A gift that will make the toddler happy as well as the parents, and we have some recommendations for you:

Walking supporters : Around the age of one year most babies will take their first steps, and will begin to experiment with walking, running, bending and other activities that will help them strengthen their muscles. This is exactly the time for toys that will support walking such as a treadmill, various towing toys that have created interest in walking and even toy carts. These are items that will encourage curiosity and movement, and allow toddlers to run around and strengthen their muscles.

Tent : This is one of the favorite games for toddlers. A tent allows you to create a protected and defined place, which gives a sense of security. There is a huge variety of tents – from tipi-style tents that instantly upgrade the design of the room to lightweight, foldable nylon tents – some of which are even filled with colorful balls that create interest and improve motor skills.


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Books : A book is without a doubt a gift that never goes out of fashion. Books develop the imagination, create a connecting experience with parents and develop language. At the age of one it is advisable to look for hardcover books, books that play music or make sounds and even soft books that are suitable for the bathroom.


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Magnets : One of the most beloved and recommended gifts, is magnet games. You can find magnet games that are suitable for all ages, whether it is a game in itself or in shapes that are magnetized for the refrigerator door or the entrance and a magnetic wall in the room. This is a gift that is a sure success, and in most cases one that will allow a long playing time and continue with the toddler for years. VLOOK Fridge Magnets Kids Cartoon Zoo Animal Magnetic Toys Toddler Refrigerator Magnets for Whiteboard Baby Magnets: Kitchen & Dining


Towers and shape games: Tower games, in which shapes have to be threaded over a pole develop a concept of size, shape and three-dimensional structures while shape games in which the toddler has to choose the right shape that fits a particular hole teaches names of shapes and allows the practice of gross motor skills. Whether it is colorful plastic games or wooden games, it is a gift that encourages development and creates interest.

Kitchen and work utensils : Every parent will tell you that there is no more interesting game than the everyday utensils in the house – plastic boxes, pots, a vacuum cleaner and electronics attract the little ones more than any game. Therefore, colorful tools or kitchen utensils that are suitable for preschoolers manage to captivate for long hours.


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Selection from the list: The wish list allows parents to choose specific gifts they want to receive for a birthday (or any other occasion). All you have to do is get the personal link of the list, go to the site and choose a gift from the wish list according to your taste and budget (the list is updated according to gifts already bought to avoid duplication and the need for replacement). The KIDENO website will scan the web in search of the most affordable price for the product and will allow the gift to be sent directly to the parents’ home. This way you can be sure that you have chosen a gift that will please the toddler as well as the parents, without leaving the house .

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