Не просто еще один сайт товаров для малышей

Уникальный сайт со списком желаний для малышей и глобальной торговой площадкой


Having a baby? First of all, congratulations! Now there is lots to do and many new items which need to be bought as you bring your child into this world. Conventional baby showers might cause you to receive items that you don’t need, or already have. The last thing you want to be doing during this hectic time is scrambling around for those last items that you need.


Kideno is here to help! Using our proprietary technology, we offer an online registry system which is a one-stop-shop for all the items you need for your loved one. You can select a multitude of products, and add them to your online registry list. Unlike other registry systems, these items can be from any website across the internet. You can theoretically have 100 different products from 100 different online stores! Even though these products are all from different websites, they are seamlessly integrated into one website page.


Send the list to your friends and family, and watch in real-time as they purchase items from your list. To streamline the process, they will not be redirected to any 3rd party websites but rather will be able to checkout securely on kideno.com, allowing them to purchase your gifts in a matter of seconds!


Come and join us at Kideno, and allow us to make your life easier and participate in your joyous occasion!


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